Content Edit

In addition to a line/copy edit described above, more extensive or deeper editing is done to tighten the prose by:

  • adding, deleting or moving small portions of text,
  • making corrections of subject-verb agreement,
  • making corrections to shifts in verb tense, point of view, tone, person
  • fixing dangling or misplaced modifiers,
  • adding sample descriptive words,
  • provide overall comments related to story issues.

Every effort is made to maintain your unique style and tone, as well as improve characters’ diction and dialect.

Typical fee ranges from $3.00 to $3.75/page or .012-.015 cents/word (depending on the depth of needed editing)

Typical timeline*: up to 100 pages    4-5 days

Up to 200 pages   5-6 days

Up to 300 pages   7-9 days

Up to 400 pages   9-10 days

  • 400 pages        10-14 days

*actual delivery date based on current workload when your manuscript is received and extent of edit

Sample of Content Edit with corrections

Outside the apartment window, it the view of Springdale was dreary. and Steady rain fell, abruptly changing Kendall Wylie’s plans for a lakeside picnic. Even though the Indiana farmers needed the rain, she wished the sun had held out for just 3 three more hours. She walked out her front door, and across the hall to her good friend Lisa’s door and knocked. When it opened, she said., “Hey Lisa, have you looked outside.?”

“Bummer, huh?” Lisa flipped her blond hair over one shoulder and bleu blew on her painted nails. Waving her hand, Lisa swung the door shut behind Kendall.

“Any ideas of where else we can go so that we can to salvage some fun out of this crummy day?” Exhaling a deep sigh, Kendall flopped and set down sat onto the couch and then tossed her feet onto the coffee table. Totally unfair.

As Lisa’s eyes gaze flue flew to the window, she pointed with an extended finger. “It just figures. She said. “A day off from waiting on customers at the diner and we get this.”