Plot Evaluation

Overall Plot Evaluation

You provide a complete manuscript or a detailed synopsis (minimum 10 pages) in standard manuscript format. We completed our plot evaluation form, including comments on the essential elements of your story. For synopsis critique, story areas addressed are: inciting incident, theme, characterization, external and internal goals of main characters, essential stages of romance, and story arc. For manuscript critique, plot areas as listed above plus craft areas addressed are: setting, hooks at end of scenes/chapters, point of view, transitions, imagery, active voice, conclusion. A one-page evaluation form will become 3-4 pages (or more) when comments are made.

The Plot or Synopsis Critique includes no copy editing within the manuscript.

Fee is $30/hour (includes reading and evaluation time) or $2.50/page–whichever is less

Typical timeline*:  Synopsis (max 25 pages)         1 day

Manuscript (max 150 pg)         1-2 days

Manuscript (max 400 pg)         3-4 days

*actual delivery date based on current workload when your manuscript is received